4 years ago today this book released.. 
I need cake.. it's like a birthday, right?


Surviving the BIG Mistakes - Release Date SEPT 22


I am soooo in LOVE and LUST with Alexandra and Gabe...
Get ready to SURVIVE(ing) the BIG MISTAKES!!

Alexandra is a BEAUTIFUL MESS...
OCD ...
ADD ...
Genius ...
Bi-Polar ...
Talking too hot to handle in the bedroom, and too crazy to get a handle on in every day terms...
"..., a single bit of advice: never, ever, use my relationship with sanity as a tool or a weapon against me. That is a mistake I promise you will regret.”
Until she rediscovers her best mate from her childhood... Gabe Gowan

Dark, Mysterious (how many Also Known As identities can one man have?)
"I'm not a sadist, love." (Oh, really....?)

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Son Lux - "Easy" (Official Video)

Beautiful bondage suspensions...

 Inspired serious sadness though...

**as far as song enjoyment, I really enjoy the LORDE + SON LUX mix




Do I really need to say more?


Sacred Secrets!

Sacred Secrets is Now Available from Ellora's Cave!!

 Book one in the Chronicles of Surrender series.

Celia sold herself in a bargain for rough play and a great story—not murder!

Celia Brentwood, fetish reporter for San Francisco’s Inappropriate Voices, agrees to auction herself off as a BDSM slave for thirty days. She plans to write a first-person exposé, but after she’s purchased by Garrett Lawrence, the most eligible gay bachelor in town, her story becomes an insider peek at the man whose lover was brutally murdered five years ago.

Garrett still mourns the loss of his beloved, but the past is hard to forget when it’s stalking him. The killer is obsessed with Garrett, and when Celia’s deception is discovered, the killer decides she’s the perfect route to his prey.


The Chronicles of Surrender

The first five Chronicles of Surrender are hot off the e-press as I get ready for edits on the 6th book VOW OF SILENCE (otherwise known as George's Story) to begin! So if you haven't read them all... now is your chance! Available at Ellora's Cave and Amazon

Chronicles of Surrender challenges every preconceived notion about power exchange relationships. There are no shades of gray in this world, just black/white, Master/slave and not a single safe word in sight. Both Masters and slaves have reached a place where they are experiencing true surrender in many guises—love, hate, lust, betrayal, forgiveness, self or selflessness.

**Click links to read excerpts

                              Book 4: Echo of Redemption               Book 5: Cries of Penance


Girl Meets Girl

This is my second lesbian/genderbending novel ... I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Danson O’Brian, renowned writer and gender educator, is recognized as the most eligible lesbian in New York. Strong, confident, sexy, she embodies gender queer in a dramatic fashion. She loves her life, loves her women, and really, truly loves the excitement of the city. However, life hasn’t always been so perfect.
Growing up in Kansas, Danson always felt like an outsider, preferring cars to dolls and, as a teen, rebuilding car engines was more her thing than a day at the mall. She never fit in.
After her father experiences a stroke, she is needed to keep the family business going until he recovers. She doesn’t think twice about boarding the bus, but even though she has changed, the people in town haven’t.
Jessica Morrison, the “town whore” and the sexiest woman Danni’s ever seen, may be her only salvation, especially when she learns Jessica secretly likes girls and might be interested in a few secret rendezvous. Except Danni gave up keeping secrets long ago, and she isn’t about to go back in the closet now.
A Romantica® lesbian erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


Chronicles of Surrender

I'm getting so many emails and queries concerning this series.
And I am so glad you all love it soooo much!

Which is why I was so sad when I had to pull both ebook and print editions from the last publisher due too many problems I was having with them...

So many encouraged me to self publish, listing Shades of Gray's success as a reason.

Instead I chose Ellora's Cave.
They will be releasing the entire series in its entirety, however that will take time... and hopefully your patience will hold out.

Sacred Secrets: Book One is available now.

The main reason Shade's of Gray is in major bookstores and even Kroger's is hype...
It moved through  the process at sonic speed.

So I encourage you, if you love the Chronicles of Surrender... tell Ellora's Cave. Comments@ellorascave.com 

Tell your friends to buy it.
Jump into book blog conversations and comment on how much you love the Chronicles of Surrender...

Because the bottom line is that the Chronicles were written long before Shades of Gray was even drafted; however, few people talked about The Chronicles of Surrender when they came out. Oh, my readers have always told me. I know you love it. I know that Kitten and Garrett and Lord Fyre have changed your lives.

Now tell the world!

And thank you thank you thank you for loving The Chronicles of Surrender!!


Banned Super Bowl Ad

You won't see this ad Super Day Sunday! It was banned from being ran during the super bowl because it's too sexy!


Chronicles of Surrender

Dear Readers,

Some of you have noticed that my Chronicles of Surrender are no longer available due to issues I will not publicly air. While this greatly saddens me, rest assured the series CHRONICLES OF SURRENDER is not doomed forever and will be up under the flag of a new publisher soon. I already working on arrangements for just that to happen as soon as possible.

The bigger news is that I am currently working on the menage a trois's, better known as Kitten, Garrett, and Lord Fyre, SEQUEL!! Yes, you read right! There will be RESURRECTION RUMORS.

If I had a wish it would be that all of you could have finished reading the series before being locked out by the take down. My apologies for any inconvenience you may have experienced but rest assured they will be back very soon!


DEBONAIR DYKE Acquired by Ellora's Cave

I am so excited that my manuscript DEBONAIR DYKE has been accepted by Ellora's Cave. Usually, I like to wait until I have cover art to post such big news but in light that this if one of my FF Love babies, for now the infant remains faceless...

This will be my second book released by Ellora's Cave. The first being PRODIGAL SLAVE